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Welcome to Racehorse Rehoming Centre

Not all thoroughbred’s born make it to stardom on the racetrack. Injury or just not capable of making the grade, sees thousands of ex-racehorses leave the industry every year. The sad fact is that many are sent for slaughter without being given the chance of an alternate life.

Contrary to popular belief, ex-racehorses are remarkable individuals, and if given time can adapt to a wide range of alternative careers from happy hackers to advanced eventers. All horses signed over to the centre remain in the ownership of the charity for the rest of their lives, and if suitable, are available for permanent loan to enjoy their second phase of life.

The centre is totally self-funded, relying on donations from well-wishers and from small fund-raising events. Run by dedicated volunteers who give their time, expertise and love for these under estimated equine athletes.

We have been honoured to have Mr. Stan Mellor MBE (sadly passed in 2020) and Lambourn Trainers Clive Cox and Pat Murphy as our Patrons.






Classet House, Pole Rue, Combe St, Nicholas, Chard, Somerset.

TA20 3LZ

Tel: +447956229216

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